Tall Cover and Dry Wind

Tall Cover Bobwhite Quail and cactus on sand stone 43″H x 30″W Edition 12

Dry Wind Mourning Doves and cactus on sand stone 43″H x 30″W Edition 12


The House of Lords

Life Size Great Blue Heron Pair 70″H x 50″L x 29″D Edition 12


Life Size Chesapeake Retrievers

Male and female life size Chesapeake Retrievers in the wax stage. The Chesapeake has an interesting texture to the fur which shows well in the sculpture.


Turkeys Big and Small

Ghost Bird Maquette 12″H

Rewards of First Light Maquette 12″H x 17″L

Ghost Bird Life Size Turkey 45″H

Rewards of First Light Life Size Turkey Pair 46″h x 56″L



The Rebel Angels

Life Size Raven mounted on sculpted wolf skull


New Life Size Turkeys



A Point of Honor

A Point of Honor, 20″L x 14″H x 12″D, Edition 24 English Setter and English Pointer, a striking pair of dogs.


The Eagles Have Landed

Seeing Things Whole, American Bald Eagle (top) 35″H x 23″L x 15″D Edition 20

Golden Rule, American Golden Eagle (middle) 29″H x 29″L x 15″D Edition 20

Seeing Things Whole Maquette 17″H x 13″L Edition 36 Black Granite Base



Two Life Size Eagles a Golden and Bald



Bobwhite and California Quail

A nature centerpiece with Bobwhite or California quail, a pine branch, pine cones, pine boughs and maple leaves. Artfully arrange these lifesize quail to create your own nature scape for inside or outside year round enjoyment. There are four Bobwhite quail and two California quail, two sizes of pine bough a single candle pine […]