Wood Ducks and Oak

NEW Life Size Pointer

Woodland Turkey














A wild turkey, a bird, a feathered dinosaur,

a snake with feathers…all of the above.

NEW life size Woodland Turkey


Edition 20


Marsh Masters
















2015 Prix de West Major General & Mrs. Don D. Pittman Wildlife Award

88″H x 58″L x 20″D












New Turkeys in progress


once and future kings

The Once and Future Kings

Raven Pair on Buffalo Skull

22″H x 23″L x 18″D

Edition 20

peregrine falcon










“Marsh Masters”

Peregrine Falcon with Green-wing Teal

2015 Prix de West in Oklahoma City

The House of Lords

Great Blue Heron Pair 70″H x 50″L x 29″D Edition 12

Winner 2014 Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation Award for Sculpture Autry National Center Los Angeles, CA

Winner 2015 Maurice B. Hexter Silver Medal Award National Sculpture Society Brookgreen Gardens, SC


The Rebel Angels

TOP HONORS National Museum of Wilflife Art Voted by Western Visions Artists 2013 Red Smith Award


Midnight Ramblers









Raccoon family of four

possible fountain feature with the

Calaveras Crooners frog pair

Approx 24″H x 30″L x 9″D

Edition 20