For Spacious Skies

A new American Bald Eagle is complete and ready to cast. Titled “For Spacious Skies” this eagle is 81″tall, 38″long and 48″deep. With the same raised wing span as the first Eagle it is similar in design but more ornamental then monumental in use. For info or additional images call or email.


American Bald Eagle Monument Sculpture

Final patina and shipping to Virginia for final installation.
Twelve foot American Bald Eagle


Twelve Foot American Bald Eagle

Two twelve foot American Bald Eagles are almost complete at the Oregon Valley Bronze foundry. Lots to do as all the metal pieces are cast and welded back together creating the finished bronze. Each Eagle stands independant with an elaborate internal steel support structure. It will continue to be welded, sanded and adjusted before the finishing patina is applied.


Peace Be With You

Mourning Doves on a elegant Maple branch makes a perfect table centerpiece. A beautiful, colorful patina shows off the maple leaves. A medium size sculpture, 22″long x 12″high x 12″ deep, ed 36.


The Fine Art of Sculpting Wax

Working out the details of a new project. The Red Fox can be both simple and elegant in its form. This small fox sculpture will be a trophy piece for a fox hunting club.


American Bald Eagle Monument Sculpture

The American Bald Eagle Monument sculpture is almost completed. Fine tuning the surface areas and detailing points of interest. By the middle of September the eagle will be cut into pieces and delivered to Baltimore, Maryland where it will be molded. The molds will be shipped to Valley Bronze in Joseph, Oregon for the bronze casting. When the bronze sculpture is finished, two of the eagles will be trucked back for their final installation in Northern Virginia.


Southern Comfort

Fall 2009
Flushing Bobwhite Quail Wall bronze
23″l x 19″h x 10″d
Edition 24


The Lightness of Being

Fall 2009
Mourning Dove Wall bronze
26.5″l x 21.5″h x 8.5″d
Edition 24


American Bald Eagle



Monumental Eagle Sculpture

Update on the American Bald Eagle Project. The form is almost complete and wax will soon cover the foam creating the texture and detail. The eagle is twelve feet high and seven feet long with a base footprint of three by three feet. The project is on schedule to install a pair of the eagles at a Company headquarters in Virginia by December 2009.