Tolling Ducks

Nine life size tolling Mallard ducks
installed on a stone two story lobby wall.


New Sporting Birds and Dogs

“Wood Ducks”

“Pointer Setter Bookends”

“Pheasant Pair”

“The Truth of the Moment” English Setter


Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Working on new dogs, a few new Pointers, Setters and Spaniels.


Twelve Foot American Bald Eagle

A twelve foot American Bald Eagle stands at both entrances of the MetroPark Office complex, ING Corporate Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.


For Spacious Skies

Gonzaga High School in Washington, DC is home to “For Spacious Skies” a seven foot American Bald Eagle. On Eagles Wings was installed in the main courtyard and dedicated March 31, 2010.


Huntsmans Treasure Box

Huntsmans Treasure Box
hand made felt lined box in lite or dark cherry with bronze Setter/Pointer/Hound/Fox
10″l x 7″d x3″h


Quail & Dove Sconce

Mourning Dove Wall Sconce available single/pair
Bobwhite Quail Wall Sconce available single/pair
13″H x 12″W x 8″D
ed 48


Sun Burst Quail Fire Screen

“Sunburst” quail free standing fire screen with late summer sun flower heads. Custom made to fit up to a 42″ fire box opening, also available with opening doors similar to the Ruffed Grouse Fire Screen on


Crane Andiron Pair

Sandhill Crane Andiron Pair are 28″ high and 6″ wide with detachable log holders. The patina is a mahogony brown, edition is 24.


Concept to Reality

You probably can’t see it yet, but Walter is sculpting a feeding Sandhill Crane. The sculpture is designed for a set of fireplace irons to fit a six foot wide fireplace, yes they make them that big in Texas. Follow this blog to see updated images as this sculpture idea evolves from concept to andiron.